Malawi Wrapup

The trip to Zomba was indeed quite bumpy with the road being somewhat in disrepair. We managed to arrive, however, more or less on time, at our destination, Chancellor College. Here we worked with students and faculty members who had a more intellectual background and interest. This is not to say that they were any less enthusiastic and involved in the interactive parts of our program than the previous groups, but their questions were of a different nature. They were interested in the whys, whats and whens of jazz not just the how-tos. As at our previous workshops, there were many questions to answer and people to talk to even after the end of the program. It is wonderful to meet so many people who are curious about and interested in what we are doing.

This was the last of our scheduled activities in Malawi, so headed back towards Lilongwe where we were to spend one last night before catching a plane to Harare, Zimbabwe. We did not travel far before we stopped at the Hippo View Lodge, a restaurant/resort along the Shire River. We did not see any of the hippos or crocodiles who reside in the area, but lizards were in abundance and we had a wonderful meal and a great view of the river.


Our long trip back to Lilongwe included more views of the beautiful countryside and scenes of rural life here. We did, however, have a long stretch of very dense fog which made the driving treacherous.


Although it was dark when we arrived back at the hotel, Jeff, Michael and I had the intention of taking a walk to see the neighborhood. One of the Malawian bellmen convinced us, however, that that was not a good idea since darkness tended to bring people of questionable intent out into the street. A stroll around the gated grounds had to suffice.
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